Foodyworm principle

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Foodyworm principle


Through constant challenges and efforts
I will be a foodyworm who strives for the development of the Korean insect industry.



FoodyWorm will take responsibility
for the future of insect-based industry
and for creating an ideal pet food culture.

Using eco-friendly insects, FoodyWorm Inc. continuously researches
and develops antibiotic alternatives, functional cosmetics, pet food &
additives, aquarium fish & fry food, exotic animal pet food, fertilizer,
bio-diesel and more eco-friendly products. As a research proven
company producing handmade pet food, FoodyWorm continues to
work hard for development of insect-based industry.
Through countless research and continuous effort, FoodyWorm will
provide ‘the most superb product and service’ to our customers.
We will continue to exert countless effort and overcome challenges
to evolve Korean insect-based industry with innovative approaches.


Cleanliness is the
utmost importance

During the production stage, we maintain absolute cleanliness to
avoid any quality issues.


Always thinking
of Health

Without using fragrance, preservatives, food coloring, sweetener, and additives,
all products of FoodyWorm are created using ingredients edible by people as well.


A promise
with our customers.

FoodyWorm will always provide the best quality and service to our customers and
their beloved pets. Listening to our customer’s every single voice and feedback,
we will aim to do our best to create excellent products.

Nonghyup corporation foodyworm corporation Representative: Kim Tae-hoon
Address : 10, Yangcheongsongdae-gil, Ochang-eup, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
TEL : 043-238-8584 E-mail :
Company Registration Num : [633-86-00560] Report company : 2015-서울강동-1849호

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