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Through constant challenges and efforts
I will be a foodyworm who strives for the development of the Korean insect industry.



our pet food

Within the domestic market, imports, including highly priced organic products and premium
products, take a big part in the pet food market. However, it is possible to replace the premium
products with insect-based pet food which contains very essential protein and other nutrition.

To maintain pet’s health, you need high quality fatty acids and Black Solider Flies can provide
such nutrition. Black Solider Flies does not provide essential nutrition just for canines or felines
but also for birds, rodentias and reptilias. It is an excellent source for protein.

  • Black Solider Flies contains
    rich amount of 17 essential
    amino acids

  • As insects are hypoallergenic,
    it is unlikely to cause allergic
    reactions, differing from meat protein.

  • Having much unsaturated fatty acid,
    it helps maintaining pets’ health.

  • It is effective in fighting against high blood
    pressure and obesity. It also aids in
    strengthening bones, improving calcium
    intakes, and accelerating growth which is
    good for young and old pets.

  • It is eco-friendly as it
    expends little resource.

  • Black Solider Flies secrete antimicrobial
    peptides which strengthen
    pet’s immune system

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