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Through constant challenges and efforts
I will be a foodyworm who strives for the development of the Korean insect industry.



our fry food

In 2014, the FAO announced that insects can replace almost 100% of current pet food
made with fish powder or soy powder. Compared to existing insect-based pet food
(meal beetles, meal worms, crickets, etc.), Black Solider Flies contain ample amount of
protein, fatty acids and other minerals. Therefore, it helps boosting fish’s bioavailability
and immune system

Current formula for fish food uses imported fish powder for supplying 60% of protein,
and this is possible to replace using FoodyWorm’s ‘Hermetia illucens’. There is a problem in
the current fish food market as raw insect ingredients are 4 times more expensive than
fish powder. However, FoodyWorm has its own insect breeding system.

Using patented technology (no. 10-2017-0050824), it is possible to create fry food using
Black Solider Fly powder and special crops which will result in an increase of regional
income generation and jobs.

  • By using insect-based pet food,
    it is possible to solve water quality
    conservation problems and improve
    antibiotics of fish farms.

  • Strengthens fry fish’s immune
    system and improves bioavailability

  • When replacing imported fish powder,
    FoodyWorm can solve problems
    associated with pricing and unclean
    meat and bone meals.

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